88% love it
Greasy Spoon
It's okay to let loose at this diner, where unbuttoning the top bottom comes with the territory. Grub down on late night post drinkin' faves and chat with friends.


    • LemonGrassMint
      LemonGrassMint Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Cockroach Surprise, Horrbile Service & Owner
      We just came back from Kickbacks... with a Horrible experience. A cockroach jumped from the wall onto our menu!!!!!! (We smashed it in the menu) Imagine if our food had came - it would be Right in that spot. The manager told us that this was a Regular occurrence, and did not comp our bill. This is will definitely be my Last visit to Kickbacks, and will make sure people know about the health violations and poor service. Update: The Owner defended the cockroach, and said that 1/10 customers see them. And was upset that I didn't privately handle this, though he said he was already aware and was fine with the horrible service we received.

    • Riverrat
      Riverrat Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Neighborhood favorite/dive for late night eats...
      Kickbacks is a neighborhood dive in the King Street District of Riverside. Open until 4 a.m., Its a great place to go after the bars close for late night bar eats ranging from stuffed burgers to sampler platters, to breakfast, to Ramen Noodles. Full bar, extended hours, pool, trivia, etc.