Hamburger Mary's

88% love it
Big, juicy burgers
Tasty apps, juicy burgers, and delicious desserts, all served up with a side of sass! Nightly events for a fun time each night of the week.


    • smguinn
      smguinn Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Stay away....Not gay friendly at ALLLLLLL. Thug bouncers who date thug wasp waitreses. This place caters to bachelor parties and maybe has 3 girls on afriday night. POS place DO NOT GO. NOT gay friendly at ALL. OK for a first stop on your way to the beach or jail. Do Not go here if you are from out of town have been anywhere but here. No No No NO NO NO do NOT go HERE. Written by a gay male 38 yrs old. No. Save your money bad place. OK if you are in the closet looking to spend 100+ for crappy drinks and to exchange "possible" eye contact with other "possible" mates

    • emvidee
      emvidee Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Kitschy place, with great entertainment.
      Place has been in Jax for about nine months now. They've got three drag shows each day during the weekend and other little events throughout the week as well. A great place to grab a quick bite before going out for the night. Try the Mac N Cheese Fritters and the Mary Tyler S'mores, they're sin and saint, and delicious. Call ahead for reservations during the weekend!!